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The Sanctuary Story

Since I was young I've dreamt of having a retreat/sanctuary where animals can live long, happy lives. I wasn't sure how, when or where I would do it, all I knew is that one day I would.
After living the city life for a few years in Atlanta my husband and I decided we wanted the country life. I grew up very rural in the U.K and wanted to get back to that way of living. So, we found a house with acreage south of the city and made the big move.

After about a month, my husband became friends with a neighbor who was having to move across country and sadly give up all 75 of his birds. Chickens, ducks and quail. He had advertised locally but everyone who contacted him wanted only 3 chickens or 2 ducks, not the whole entire flock.
When my husband told me about this, I instantly knew what we had to do. Give them ALL a home. Why?
I was worried that they may end up going to people who would exploit them. Quail are sadly often used as bait for hunting practice and many chickens are killed after their "laying days."
So, that's exactly why we opened our doors to them. Here, they will be loved, spoiled and free to live their happy lives forever. Thus The Cynefin Sanctuary was born.

Our next step is to clear a few acres of wooded land to be able to open our doors to other farm animals in need. There are so many beautiful beings out there that need help and I want to be able to provide a home for as many as possible.
Cynefin is a Welsh word for when an animal or person feels at home in their habitat. That's exactly what we are, a home. A home where animals are equals. A home where animals are loved until their last days. A home where animals can feel safe. A Sanctuary.
So, stay a while and follow our journey.

With Love